The Astro Dog Team

The Astro Dog team consists of 3 members:

Nicole, Simon and the Astro Dog herself, Luna.

You may also meet other additional helping hands during events.

What We Do

Our Story

We started our astronomy and astrophotography journey in 2015, when we took our first astrophotography images of the Perseid meteor shower, using our first DSLR camera. Since then we have furthered our knowledge, understanding and practical experience in astronomy and astrophotography exponentially and have added to our ever growing list of professional astronomy and astrophotography equipment.

Our passion for astronomy and astrophotography was noticed by the local events business Hidden Horizons, and we were asked to run their stargazing events in 2021. After running stargazing events on behalf of Hidden Horizons for a year, we have now taken responsibility for running all stargazing events at the Dalby Forest courtyard as Astro Dog. We are keen to develop our offerings to include public events covering different subjects in the near future and we look forward to seeing more guests at our stargazing events.

We have always had fantastic feedback from our events and private sessions, whether that be running educational childrens sessions, sessions for vulnerable adults or birthday parties for 8 - 80 year olds.

Whilst we are not a charity, we believe in supporting our local community, and have always aimed to make everything we do as affordable and accessible as we can.