How To Find Dalby Forest

To get to Dalby Forest, the best route is via Thornton le Dale. Travel to Thornton le Dale and follow signs from there.


Depending on your journeys starting location, sat-nav may guide you down closed off forestry roads. If using sat-nav, enter Thornton le Dale as your destination and follow signs to Dalby Forest from there.

Please drive cautiously as the roads to and within the forest are free from street lighting, and there may be wildlife such as pheasant and deer on and around the roads.

Upon entering the forest through the entrance barrier, follow the road until you reach the visitor centre car park. There are some large speed bumps to look out for when driving to the car park. The entrance to the car park is a left hand turn next to the visitor centre building.

How To Find Our Stargazing Hub

Our Dalby Forest Stargazing Hub is located at the Dalby Forest courtyard (next to the cycle hub) less than 200m from the visitor centre car park. You can park at the visitor centre car park and take a short 2 minute walk to the courtyard.

Once you have parked, head in the opposite direction to the visitor centre and cross the humped road crossing.

Continue walking in this direction until you reach a wooden bridge leading to the right. Walk across the wooden bridge and you will have located our Stargazing Hub.

Directional signposts will also be present to aid you in finding our location.

You can also find our Dalby Forest Stargazing Hub's location on google maps by searching Astro Dog.

Below this text you can find a link to a video that shows you how to reach our stargazing hub once you reach the Dalby Forest entrance.